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ZEISS Lenses

A legend in the world of optics. Their reputation and expertise extends to many optical fields

Most people have no idea which company makes the lenses in their glasses – we can say with confidence, our lenses are simply the best in the world and we are proud to be able to bring this product to Coleraine.

The precision offered with these lenses brings clarity and comfort to their wearers… and thanks to our status as an exclusive agent, we can offer huge discounts to our patients, making Zeiss lenses a very affordable option.


The Process

As a Zeiss agent, we digitally assess your required prescription, using the latest robotic technology.

Within 20 minutes of us placing your order, your lenses will be cut and manufactured in Germany and shipped directly to us for fitting in your chosen frames.



Tailor-made for your Individual Pattern of Vision

The best vision care addresses not just acuity, but also your entire visual life.
How do you use your vision on the job and throughout the day?
How dynamic is your visual behavior? Are you regularly using digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets?

At Louise McKeag Opticians we ask these vital questions to ensure you have the most suitable varifocal design to match your visual needs. 


Optimised design for prolonged near vision activities.
- Optimum near vision zone
- Wide distance vision zone maintained
- Good intermediate vision zone


Optimised design for dynamic and intermediate activities.
- Optimum intermediate vision zone
- Wide distance vision zone maintained
- Good near vision zone


Optimised design for all-round activities.
- Balanced vision ranges
- Wide distance, intermediate and near vision zones

Luminance Design Technology

Taking into account that pupil size changes in different light conditions, the new Luminance Design® Technology factors in the change in your pupil size during the day.

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Small pupil during the day


Mid-size pupil in low-light conditions


Large pupil at night

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