Your child’s eyesight is precious. Good eyesight is every child’s passport to the future. At Louise McKeag Opticians we welcome young children and care about their vision.


• One in five school children has an undetected eye problem.

• 80% of a child’s learning occurs visually. So if children have poor vision, they’ll find it difficult to learn at school and reach their full potential. Nor will they enjoy everyday childhood activities as much as they could.

• Without early treatment, vision defects such as ‘lazy eye’ can become permanent disabilities.

• Regular eye examinations could be crucial for your child’s healthcare and personal development.

It’s easy for parents to think there’s nothing wrong with their child’s sight, not realising that vision can change quickly as young eyes develop. Also some children may not recognise they have a visual problem. That’s why annual eye examinations for children are recommended.

What should I watch out for as a parent?

• Gets frustrated when reading

• Peers closely at books and television

• Closes or covers one eye

• Poor handwriting

• Squinting & Excessive blinking

• Finds it difficult to copy words from the blackboard

• Complains that things are blurry or hard to see

• Short attention span

• Frequently loses place when reading

• Skips words or whole lines of text

• Poor performance at school

Good vision is essential in childhood development and regular eye examinations are the key to good vision. The earlier any problem is detected, the greater the chances of it being corrected. Remember that it costs nothing to have your child’s eyes examined at our practice.


You’ll find that our practice offers a professional eyecare service for children and a wide range of attractive styles specially designed for young faces. Many frames have soft nose pads for extra comfort and sprung hinges to stand up to the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Children must feel comfortable about wearing spectacles – or they won’t use them when they should. So we take great care to explain why glasses are important, as well as ensuring that they fit well and look good.

We will discuss the different options with you and only recommend spectacles that suit both your child’s needs and your budget.A selected range of children’s spectacles are completely FREE with a NHS voucher.


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