Online Glasses 

Our online store is designed to give patients all of the benefits of internet shopping without the pitfalls that often come with purchasing glasses online.

In a review by The College of Optometrists it was found that around 78% of those in the survey who purchased glasses online would not do so in future!
Whilst we understand the benefits of online ordering we also understand that our expertise and knowledge cannot be replicated using a mirror and a printed ruler! Becoming a trained Dispensing Optician takes 3 years of hard work at University. 

Our online store gives you this convenience but also the guarantee of adjustments and problem solving at our practice.


Select the frame and lenses that you like from our online store. Our selection is being updated regularly.


Fill in the questionnaire. If you are our patient and have ordered spectacles in the past then we will have your pupil measurements.

If you are not our patient we require a pupil measurement from your Opticians. If you do not have it and do not want to ask, you can place the order and then take a trip to the practice to have it taken.


Await your new glasses through the post. If you ever need an adjustment then simply pop into our practice - no appointment needed. If you have a problem with the comfort of vision, again, take a trip into the practice and we will gladly rectify the situation.